Thursday, April 17, 2014

backyard progress

Well we're all back to work. I started last week on Thursday and the gents got to work on the backyard. Digging trenches for the new sprinklers, leveling out the ground, and adding electricity.
Supervisor Woz approves.
Here's the nice clean slate ready for some more action. Where the shady are is where we'll put the dining table/outdoor desk for Mrs. Alexa.
Dining area again. Those posts will eventually have a modern looking fence. We're installing outlets for laptops and such on the fence, see that little pole sticking up? Electricity my friends.
To the left of this shed is where we'll put the play area for Miss Alice.
You can see the sprinkler system up and ready. Around there is where I'd like to put a doggy pee area. 
Here's an outlet by the lounge area. For laptops or outdoor lamps and such.
Here's a sample paver that will become our path around the whole place.
It's so refreshing to see the beginning of something. A nice clean slate.
The boys are doing minor tweaks today and then will pick up again next week. We have a busy weekend out of town again so my goal of starting the front yard garden will have to wait. 

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

f is for baby

A few weeks ago Matt had a great idea for our girl's room: a ceiling fan.
I was thinking about a pretty light fixture but a quick google of "ceiling fans in nurseries" and the result of "are very good for baby" moved me in the yeah lets do it!
Now I gotta find one that's not hideous.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

a funny occurence

I noticed something funny that happened over the weekend recently, well two weekends I guess. We were around a lot of women due to a family wedding so it was a lot of meeting new people, catching up, and general chatter. Obviously the majority of chit chat directed at me was about the bun in my oven. Understandably so, it's a big life event. 
But I did notice that during the course of the weekend, not a single person asked me what I did for a living. Ain't that funny?

Monday, April 14, 2014

trimester three!

I woke up this morning to an alert from my pregnancy App telling me that I am now in my third trimester and to "get ready for the big finish and a new beginning". This is the current state of me:
I can tell this girl is gettin' bigger because her movements, while in the beginning were adorable and like little flutters are now big ole alien movements and at times, uncomfortable; like someone poking you very slowly from the inside.

How am I feeling? Overall pretty good, I love the kindness of strangers and smiles I get from friends and co-workers when they see me. I was a big hit at the wedding with Matt's family. It's been four years since we've had a baby in the family and I think everyone was ready for another one (luckily they were all polite enough to never pressure or ask about the state of the uterus but now I know they were all praying for it). The extra weight has put a little strain on my lower back, as I expected, since I suffered from lower back/hip pain before I was pregnant. I can barely make a lap around Target without feeling like I really need to sit down for a spell. Luckily my job requires I sit in front of a computer all day.

The food aversion is still there though my food repertoire has expanded somewhat. And just when you think I'm done barfing… the other day I made myself some eggs and tortillas and then decided to drink a glass of milk. Well little miss Alice was not having that and barf! I get nauseated or a gross kinda taste in my mouth a few times a day but it's much better than before. Honestly the food thing is the only bothersome part of this pregnancy, everything else I can deal with so yes, I might be crazy enough to do this again. But… let's take it one kid at a time. And this kid has me feeling very very happy.

Friday, April 11, 2014

of ancestry

I didn't really care too much about ancestry before, especially since I'm 100% Mexican (with some of your usual Spanish/Aztec situation) but it hit me on St. Patrick's Day this year as my child was dancing to The Chieftains, that I was having an Irish baby. Well, part of her anyway. Now instead of glazing over stories of Matt's ancestry, now I'm very interested in learning that he has family that was born in Cork, Rochester, NY, and Germany. I wanna know more about all these cultures and people my daughter will be born into.
All of these long gone people are a little part of my daughter now. Ain't that something?

And this weekend I get to hang with a bunch of them. Have a great weekend everybody!

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

lay-z and such

Well… still no work. We did however get a few things of importance done. I went in for my monthly baby check up (all is well), I went to take that gestational diabeetuhs pre-test (the sugary drink tastes like flat sprite but the blood draw was extra painful for some reason), we checked out cars at CarMax, we emptied all the spare boxes in the kid's room out, we saw Captain America: Winter Soldier, and we just lazy'd about. Like Gadget.
I feel like I should be more productive during this unexpected time off and I'm trying very hard to be. So I guess that I should get out of my PJs, get my nails did, and head to Target and the grocery store for supplies. Know what I badly need? Shorts. I have one pair that fits because they're stretchy waist but with the weather warming up, and HURRAH for that, I am in need of some chorts.

Oh! We got the mattress! I had a crib sheet hanging around just waiting for this moment.
We kinda got it for free since we used our credit card points and turned them to amazon gift cards and used it for that. Big time sigh of relief for this soon to be momma.

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

what's to be done about LJ (and the pets)

As you know, we have a zoo at our home with two cats and two dogs. Over the many years our nieces have visited, the pets have been generally tolerant and stay away. All except one.
To put it bluntly, when it comes to kids, LJ is a little jerk. He's scratched at the girls on more than one occasion and he's extra deceptive when he does it too. We're always around when the girls are in the room with him but if we look away for a second, he reaches out and scratches them if they're near him. It's a total dick move and that has been cause for concern around the farm. If he's like that with these girls, what hope is there for his behavior with our girl?

My mom's solution is to simply get rid of him (she's not much of an animal lover) but he's my first baby. How can I get rid of a member of the family? That's not an option. Matt and I have said before and I'll say again that once these cats pass, we're done with cats. It's not that I don't totally butt stinking love cats more than dogs, and I totally do, but keeping a clean household with cats, holy crap is it a lot of work. The shedding, the litter around their litter box, our family/friends suffering from allergies, and the fact that nice furniture doesn't stand a chance… I think we're done once these guys have passed away. But until then, he stays.

I really don't know what he'll be like when a baby is around, especially one that is a part of our family. Will some sort of maternal instinct (he does possess them, you should see him care for his brother) kick in when she's born and he'll want to be near her and sleep at her feet like those cute photos of babies and cats that float around the internet? Or will he be jealous and mean?

The only part that really concerns us is the scratching. He and the pets have been kicked out of the guest room and master for years so they're used to having rooms be off limits and won't associate that with the baby but when she's out of those rooms and in the living room with us or on the office couch where they hang… what will he do then? So, cruel as it may be, if he starts showing signs of hissing and batting, we gotta get him declawed. He's an indoor cat and if he just can't be trusted, that seems to be the only solution. It kills me but when it comes to the safety of my baby, babies trump kitties.

As far as preparation for the rest of the critters, I'm reading a lot of blogger experiences with introducing their babies to pets, consensus seems that you let the dogs smell the baby before they meet it so they can get used to its smell and bring a present and treats for the pet so they will associate good things with babies. I'll be continuing the research. Other than that I don't anticipate much stress with having to care for the pets and the babe. The pets have a routine and they're easy, just fill bowls and clean litter boxes. The dogs run wild in the backyard so they're pretty well exercised. Hopefully though we'll take more family walks together, stroller and non furry baby in tow.

Monday, April 7, 2014

a la mirada-icious weekend

It was a good weekend full of a lot of food and a lot of family. Saturday we just hung out but for dinner we went to El Cholo in La Habra, a family favorite. During the family prayer Poppa Dan mentioned the four generations around one table and that got grandma all teary eyed. 
When Matt's mom was a girl she would eat here and get a toy from the treasure chest, her kids did too, and her kid's kids. Isn't that something? Decades of cheap $1 toys that bring so much joy.
The nieces really wanted to feel the baby kick and of course she wouldn't perform once prompted.
On Sunday after church we made a pit stop to the newly opened 85ยบ Bakery Cafe in Buena Park. We lucked out and there were no lines so I piled on the pastries and had a big ole cup of sea salt iced coffee. It's the end of my second trimester this week gang. Next week begins the ole home stretch.
Believe it or not after the pile of pastries we had lunch at Gondola Pizza, another family favorite.
Then we got picked up by the groom's mom and headed to a bridal shower. Did I ever mention the funny story of how a girl from my former floor and I are going to be related? When we first met our cousin's then girlfriend now fiancee, she mentioned her sister had gone to Biola. I put two and two together with the last name and what do you know we knew each other. It'd been years since we'd seen each other and now we're gonna be family. Small world huh? The little critters on her lap were two of the girl babies that were hanging out at the party. Both were fairly pleasant and very adorable.
And because none of the photos of me with the bride to-be were to the satisfaction of this here chubby pregnant face, here's a photo of the groom's mom, the bride, the matchmaker aunt, and the other beloved aunt.
It was a great weekend and I should not eat like that for another few weeks.

Friday, April 4, 2014

family weekend

I unexpectedly had the week off work having two jobs go away. We'd spent last weekend working on bigger projects and this week was spent on the other to-dos things and also just hanging and napping. I would feel guilty about the almost daily naps but are you kidding me? I'm pregnant and once this kid is born I may never nap the same way again.
Matt's sister and kids are in town so we're heading down to the in-laws to hang out for the weekend. Sunday is a bridal shower for a future cousin in Dana Point so bring on the ladies in hats or whatever it is we wear at bridal showers.

Have a great Woz-y weekend. See you Monday, still no work. Hopefully something comes up soon.

Thursday, April 3, 2014

the burbank master bedroom

This room has been a source of shame for the past few months and rarely photographed but since we got the bed, moved the ugly dresser out, and installed some blinds, it ain't half bad.
I would like very much to have it painted but ugh, that's a task and a half. I did buy a few paint sample pots so that's a step in the right direction no?
This room is really large. We are very blessed.
Mega grande bookcases. We love the triplets.
We do need new nightstands though, these are remnants from the olden days.
Our beautiful sanctuary.

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

her room right now

Ah, that is the sound of a crazy woman feeling relieved that once she gets a mattress, her baby has a place to sleep if nothing else. Assembling it was definitely a two person operation, one held a rail while the other screwed it into place. After a few minutes, ta-da, crib.
I got some curtains for the room and yes, they're red, like the queen of hearts.
I think I want to add some blackout lining to it, just because the red creates a funny glow in the room.
Shuffled the cabinet around a little to make room for some pretty things.
We put great-grandpa Plank's old minor league hat and Matt's little league glove.
And this yellow radio belonged to grandma and great grandma.
Here's the little wonderland accessories: white rabbit, drink me bottle, little box for jewels, jar for baby bows, and a couple of special editions of Alice in Wonderland.
The little box and tree will be for headbands and such. Aww her wittle golden jellies.
Over the changing table I installed a smaller shelf with red brackets.
I put stuff up there that her dad will enjoy while he's changing her. I also put a little box of q-tips and cotton rounds and put up the healing balm and lotion for her.
I did buy the we're all mad here print and luckily had a frame on hand.
This just needs a little changing pad.
Her drawers look pretty much the same.
To the left you see we still need to move those boxes.
I finally tested out that glider and it's definitely a winner. We're hoping to buy it next month.
And she's got a looking glass ready to check herself out in.
The closet stayed the same color as the room, elephant grey. It's a good neutral.
Nothing in here is set as it will be but this is the state it's in right now.
I hope to hang some stuff around the place but waiting to see where the glider and rug situation land and then add things there accordingly.
I could have bought a fancy hamper but this one from Ikea was the prefect size.
I had to get her this little romper before they sold out. It's too perfect.
That's some good progress I think. 
Still to do:
• move boxes into shed
• buy glider and ottoman
• buy rug
• buy mattress
• replace light fixture
• disperse eventual clothing + gifts into closet & re-organize that