Friday, October 17, 2014

momma's going back to work, a little bit

So I took a job after turning down work for the past few months. We'd always planned I'd take 3-4 months off when Alice was born but now it's almost the end of the year and we were wondering if we could financially swing my waiting to just go back to work starting in January. Co-workers were very respectful of my having had a baby and I didn't hear from people the first few weeks that Alice was born but after that I kept getting offers of "easy" jobs to jump back into. Yesterday I got an offer I couldn't refuse: three days in my old office starting Nov 10, wrapping a stage job (the for reals easy part). I mean, no brainer. It's also perfect because it's a short amount of time and we're using it as a trial if I'm ready to go back to work or if I need a little more time with ma baby.

It pumped me up thinking about getting dressed up and going to work to support my family. Along with the sadness of leaving the little tyke home, I was filled with an optimism of being a good role model for her, being a momma that makes money for the family.
Here we go. Mom going to work again. Let the great experiment begin!!

Have a great weekend gang! Work it!

Monday, October 13, 2014

what CAN i wear

Button-front shirts and dresses I guess?
Dressing yourself for quick and easy boob access ain't easy. No sirree.

Thursday, October 9, 2014

it has come to my attention

That I get to dress a little girl for Christmas this year.

The holidays are gonna rock!

- mobile blog post. spelling irrelevant.

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

i'm so ahead of the trends i don't even realize it

The eventual kitchen remodel is still a few years away but right now I'm still really digging white subway tiles, open shelving, marble, white countertops, white upper cabinets, and dark grey lower cabinets, which are super on trend right now. I told Matt about the dark grey lower cabinets and he said, "Oh yeah like the island in our old kitchen." 
How could I be so daft? Yes, exactly. When we moved into the condo in 2009 I had the painter paint our island a really dark grey and loved it the whole time but completely forgot I'd done it until Matt reminded me. I even remember that I was deciding between a lighter grey and Matt told me to just go all in and not be afraid to go for the darkest swatch on the stick. It gave it such a nice contrast.
Remember this old place? None of it exists anymore. My in-laws stripped it bare and changed things up and it looks way better now. But there it is: proof that I was into dark grey cabinets way back when.
It's gonna be so fun to design my own kitchen someday. And by then, we'll see, I might be into something else completely.

holy crap month three

Alice is three months old and she decided to hit this month hard.

She's a lot more aware nowadays. Like she finds the cute baby in the mirror to be totally hilarious.

She's growing like crazy. If there were one thing I'd wish I'd understood earlier about babies it would be the concept of growth spurts where they're extra fussy and seem to be doing nothing but eating all day because I kept thinking something was wrong with her and I'd worry about my supply and if I was starving my baby. As long as she was peeing regularly, its the normal act of a baby being a baby and growing and needing more food than usual. She's had one recently where she was extra fussy and would eat, knock out, be up and happy for a few minutes, and repeat. This time though, I knew what it was and approached it with a lot more patience and zero tears. It's incredible what a difference it makes just having the right attitude. So things won't get done 'cause she wants to be held and fed, hold her and feed her. And grow she does. She's almost outgrown her 3 month PJs and even her baby toes and feet look chubbier to me.

She does the rolling thing now. When she's on her back, ploop, onto her belly. She's an ambiturner like Zoolander at the moment and hasn't figured out how to get back to her back. It happens quick so those glorious days of leaving her on the bed and knowing she won't roll off while you put on makeup are over. She does it at night too and I hear the frustrated grunts of my little stuck turtle. "Waa! I dunno how this happened!"

She's got way better neck control and pretends she's real people and will sit up with some pillow help and "watch TV" with us. She's also discovered her hands and sucks on them a lot and moves her fingers all dainty like and will kick things with her feet to watch them move. Cause and effect.

None of these things are revolutionary and they are what babies do but its just incredible to watch her learn to become a full on person.

- mobile blog post. spelling irrelevant.

Friday, October 3, 2014

the baby gear in our house (newborn to 3 mo)

On a typical day this is what our house looks like with Alice's baby stuff. I'm sure this will all change as she gets more mobile but this is where we are at the moment.

I keep the mombo (nursing pillow) in the living room so I can nurse her while we watch TV in the day. 
Depending on her mood, we'll pop her in the mamaroo so she can talk to the ceiling fan or lay her on the play mat so she can wiggle around and stare at the mobile. Sometimes if I catch her in time I can convince her to fall asleep in the mamaroo as it bounces. Most of the time we have to rock her for a few minutes and then do the scary transfer and hope she stays asleep.
Since it's been pretty hot lately we've gotten into the habit of bringing the car seat in so we can load her into it without worrying about it being too hot on her skin.
In addition to the coats and bags, we have her diaper bag here ready to go. I'm constantly stocking and re-stocking it. I overdo it on changes of clothes in it but you just never know with babies.
If I'm in the office I have the other bouncy chair in here. It has a mobile attachment that she can interact with and recently learned to kick it but she gets over it and once I remove it, she's back to chilling. If she's awake it's on the bouncy mode and can rock as she moves. If she falls asleep it's reclined so it doesn't move. This is the same chair she slept in when she was a newborn.
In our room we have the pack and play where she sleeps and my other nursing pillow for the night and early morning feedings. On the left in front of the bookcase you can see a little device that's the white noise machine we use for her in here. I was thinking it was becoming a placebo for us but I swear to you, when I'm holding her and she's drowsy and I turn the machine on, she closes her eyes. It's like she's programmed that whenever that turns on, it's sleep time.
On my nightstand I always have some sort of baby related book, a water bottle, and the breast pump. I wish I could move it or put it away but my supply keeps fluctuating depending on when she eats so if she's still asleep and I'm full I can take advantage and store some for the back to work stash.
In the kitchen we have the baby dryer where there's always a piece of the pump hanging out and the little vials that collect the milk. This is meant for her bottles as well and the little plastic container has the recently sterilized pacifiers ready to go.
On the other side is the bottle warmer for when I go back to work. I know we can easily just run a cold bottle under warm water to warm it up but this bottle warmer takes a lot less water to work the same way. It's all about conservation in this drought pals.
And in the guest bath hang her bathing tub...
and her towels. The bathrobe is just cute and for show for now. We don't actually bathe her in the bathroom, she's bathed in the kitchen sink in the puj. My back is a big fan of this scenario.
I didn't show her nursery because honestly, we are in there very rarely during the day. We do use it to change her, the occasional rocking in the glider, and some naps. I really should work on getting her to nap in there much more than she does so she can get used to the crib when we eventually transfer her to her own room in a few months when she's sleeping throughout the night for reals. 

Next week Matt's going to be gone all week during the day working and I'll see what it's like to be home alone with a baby for extended periods of time. Pray for me!

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

halloween time '14

The black & white Halloween time is back. Nothing revolutionary, same stuff that I've had for years.
The adding of the monster photos did finally give me the chance to change this little area that had been bugging me for awhile. When you walk into our home, there's this little command center that's also supposed to be a dumping ground for our in & out items like Matt's wallet, our sunglasses, a piggy bank for loose change, pens, etc. It just felt, I dunno, cluttered.
Predictably, I got a tray and put things in it and I was happy. I'm like "put a bird on it" but "put a tray under it".  There's a tray in pretty much every room in the house but so what, who cares.
A big part of the elimination of clutter was that darn pig. So now the change is in a small jar.
I made a runner out of the two spider placemats and I think I need some black taper candles.
I pretty much only have this little dining area to change things seasonally so we do what we can.
I love the fact that the candle isn't orange but is pumpkin scented.
The mamaroo in the background reminds me to post about all the baby gear that's taken over the house. I know, you can't wait right?

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

alice & the pets

Since we've brought her home from the hospital the pets have been woefully neglected. To be honest though, the dogs have been woefully neglected for awhile. It's just way too easy to just let them run around outside all day and just bring them in for feeding and to sleep. If it's super hot out we let them in most of the day but by and large they are always outside. The cats are cats so all they need is the occasional cuddle when they sit next to you on the couch and they're good.
How are they doing with her? They are all mostly curious but keep their distance. They sniff her and wish her no harm but aren't affectionate either. She's meh to them. I think Woz is having the hardest time with her. He's kinda pretending she doesn't exist and I don't think I've seen him sniff her once. He's always been the pet most attached to us so having to compete with yet another creature is just too much for his little heart to comprehend.
LJ on the other hand seems to be the most daring when it comes to closeness. He lays next to her if she's around and I've seen him paw at her foot as it dangled near him. The pawing concerns me because I'm not sure if he would use claws or not. Anyway, the answer is simple: we don't leave her alone when they're around and watch their interactions carefully. If one approaches her, we reward with petting and kind words.
The bigger pains in the butt is the cat hair that's everywhere. Especially with the hot weather making them shed like crazy. I dread the days when she's crawling because cat hair will end up on her clothing no matter how much we try to keep things clean.

Friday, September 26, 2014

i like this baby/being a mom thing

You may not believe me if I told you this but prior to the birth of my nieces and my own tax deduction (thanks Man-D for the nickname idea), I was not really a baby person. I didn't have anything against them per se but I would take a shopping trip at Target over holding a baby any day. It was also the fear of becoming a MOM for the reason that my relationship with my own mother, while much improved, hasn't been great. That's probably/definitely why I wanted a boy so much, fear of raising a daughter. I also waste a fair amount of time hatereading mommy blogs and some of those women sound like the worst kind of selfish desperate for attention jerks. They also become boring, simply because motherhood is boring a lot. And so, I was afraid of what motherhood would do to me and how it would change me and would I even like it.
Matt recently said that since we've been married I've gotten a lot girly-er. When asked to clarify, he said  I used to be very one of the guys in my attire and my interests and style had changed a lot. I do laugh way too much at The League with all its jokes about pooping and balls and I love me some action films but there's been an increase in interest in cooking, decorating, and babies. I definitely felt the freedom to indulge my cooking side once married and I'm not sure why. The non-conformist side of me felt sheepish about it like "what a traitor, you got married and all of a sudden now you cook. you've changed man!". I was always into home design its just become more important as the cooking paved the way for hosting which meant I couldn't just have people over to eat a nice meal, it had to be a nice meal in a nicely decorated home. And the style well, I got older and was tired of looking like a teen, I wanted to look like a grown up. Most of the time. And those interests are still very big in my life and haven't changed nor do I suspect will they change just because I had a baby. Of course I can't do much about it right now because I'm not working so I'm not free to go clothes shopping or home stuff shopping, 'cause you know, not free. Not to say my personality is wrapped up in those things they are just a part of who I am in addition to the new who I am too. And of course, this new who I am will face a change when I go back to work (dreading dreading dreading) and become a working mom (or whatever the PC word is when you make a living outside your home and leave a baby at home to go do it). This is my new role, I am somebody's mom.
Obviously Alice is the most important thing right now and consumes my mind and time more than anything else so of course that's what I talk about with people. And I totally get why moms like to talk about their kids. I could talk about Alice 'til the cows come home to anyone that will listen. I could also talk about Mad Men, Downton Abbey, and Breaking Bad to an unhealthy level but the baby is a real person and Don Draper is not.
Thankfully childless people don't have to suffer because I have some mom friends that are my salvation and we can talk about our child's sleeping and poop habits without annoying the general population. And maybe I shouldn't worry about annoying the general population but I was a childless person too long and I still get annoyed with moms being boring and talking about their kids all the time and posting photos of them everywhere. Except that now I'm completely guilty of it all though I hope its the novelty of the thing and while it would be insane to expect me to pretend she doesn't exist on the socialnets, I hope to keep it toned down. I was hoping to keep it toned down for the blog too but I've never made claims as to it being a certain type of blog. It's a blog about me and my life at home and guess what, she is my life at home.
And so while realizing that at the root of things I haven't changed much, my life has and I've discovered that not only do I really like Alice, I really like being a mom to her. Making it individualized to be about her and not motherhood in general and taking it one day at a time has helped me not go crazy or feel overwhelmed. I like that kid I birthed and I like taking care of her. I enjoy feeding her, holding her, changing her, having to deal with her needs when out in public, pushing her in a stroller, watching her learn things, staring at her while she sleeps, I like all of it! Sometimes I even like being awoken at 4am to feed her because then I get to hold her. Ha, just kidding, I don't like being awoken at 4am. And at this phase, I'm not gonna say its "easy" but its not that hard. It's all consuming, routine, and nonstop but the daily tasks are fairly simple to handle when I'm home since she's not mobile and a fairly pleasant individual. We did recently spend a day at Disneyland and had to figure out where to change her and feed her which took a lot more planning than past Disneyland trips but it wasn't bad at all.
I guess I'm surprised by this feeling but mostly relieved. I knew I would love my child no matter what but I am so happy that I actually really like her and really like being her mom.
That face does make it easy to love her though right? Gah it's not even fair she's that cute.

Have a likable weekend everyone. Our rosy is heading to Lompoc to meet her namesake maƱana!

Monday, September 22, 2014


On the night before our wedding, our last night of living apart, we were both on our laptops doing something or other when Ali snapped this photo. 
It captured a mundane but telling photo. There would be times of exciting travel and adventure in our marriage but there would mostly be times of a simple life when adventure would be found in being home, just the two of us.
Never has this been more true than in the adventure we've embarked upon called parenthood. It's exciting and unpredictable but we are happiest when we're home, just the three of us.
Happy Anniversary, father of my child.